Medical Technology & Digital Health Investments


Rhoen Innovations

RHOEN-Innovations is the start-up investment subsidiary of the German hospital group RHOEN-KLINIKUM AG. We are interested in early-stage start-ups that stand out from the competition in the digital health and medical device technology field. Our investment scope is focused primarily on hospital innovations, outpatient care and network medicine.

Along with RHOEN-KLINIKUM AG we go beyond the pure financial investment and offer support in product testing and development, as well as guidance with the certification process and clinical studies. Furthermore, start-ups can benefit from long lasting relationships with well-established companies being active in marketing and distribution of medical technologies.

We tailor our investments to the needs of the industry and apply our knowledge, experience and partnerships to support you on your journey.


  • Premier, publicly listed German hospital group with highly specialized clinics and university hospitals. RHOEN-KLINKUM AG owns and operates clinics at five locations with a total of 5,400 beds with the goal to lead innovation management in medicine in the German healthcare market.


  • RHOEN-KLINIKUM AG’s investment arm in the field of innovation and start-up investments. We screen, analyze, invest in and support medical technology and digital health startups across the globe and open the door for our portfolio companies to our leading infrastructure, network and medical experts.


  • RHOEN-KLINIKUM AG specialists, providing input to RHOEN-Innovations regarding clinical need, competitiveness, quality of proposed technologies and offering strategic value to our portfolio companies across relevant medical fields.


Our investment scope is focused on early-stage digital health and medical technology companies that provide innovation to assist in the treatment and monitoring of patients both within hospitals and remotely. If you find yourself within one of these fields, we are excited to get to know more about you and your company.


HOSPITAL (inpatient)

Patient-centred care in the fields of cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, oncology, psychiatrics and pneumology

  • Knowledge-based expert systems
  • Innovative medical devices, products and technologies
  • Resource logistics
  • Imaging technologies
  • Big data analysis tools

Outpatient Centres

Outpatient care at clinical centres, emergency response services, preclinical analysis

  • Innovative quality monitoring
  • Inbound patient management
  • Preventive care
  • Rehabilitation management
  • Ambient assisted living (AAL)


Inter-sectoral medicine, Patient-centred care research, Connecting general practitioners, Telemedicine solutions

  • EMR
    Patient navigation
    Process monitoring
    Big data
  • Mobile devices / apps
  • Referrer (GP) management


We help start-up companies with the strategic and operational challenges that early stage companies typically face – whether it’s acquiring initial customers, building a scalable business or leveraging products into new markets. Our focus is on technology and companies that improve the all-round quality of patient care. We are focused on long-term beneficial partnership for growth. To do this, our model is unique in the early-stage investment universe since we offer strategically relevant access to experts, clinics and partners.

Along this way, we offer:

  1. Examination of technology under laboratory conditions and assessment of medical and legal questions
  2. Provide time and resources with our internationally renown experts and options to validate, integrate and develop the technology further within our clinics
  3. Support in the FDA/CE approval process (clinical studies)
  4. Support for start-ups to enter the German and European market by providing network and expertise.

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